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Project: Rip To The Tip
Genre: Action Sports - Off Road Motorcycles -Television
Role: Camera Operator
Status: In production for winter release on Fuel TV

As an avid off road rider and camera operator I was hired by Cameron Steele of the Desert Assassins to be part of a film crew to document the 6th annual Tip To The Tip. An off road odyssey which included Monster Energy as the title sponsor. We started in Tecate and ended up in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 1500 miles of off roading. Riding with a 40 lb backpack full of gear, our crew managed to shoot a group of 36 riders who included Johnny Campbell, Jeremy McGrath, Trigger Gum and many other professional and semi-pro riders. The trip was an amazing experience to say the least as we managed to make our goal of 8 days to Cabo. 

On the very last day however, I drifted slightly on a section of dirt road hitting a rock with my front wheel and  ended up air borne over the handlebars at 55mph.  I ended up in surgery with a 5 inch long x 2 inch deep laceration right down to my bone, which required 40 stitches in my upper thigh. Great trip!

Ride Website: Rip To The Tip