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epop motorsports is the vision of Eric Poppleton a professional photographer / camera operator and off road enthusiast whose passion for the sport of motorcycling has become part of his daily routine. If Eric is not thinking about motorcycling he is training on his bicycle to ride one. 

Beginning in the streets of Los Angeles riding his 1995 BMW R 1100 GS Eric began to explore the lesser travelled roads of California in search of the serenity of our backcountry areas of our local State / National Parks and BLM lands. Bitten not only by the bug of being on 2 wheels but also integrating into his adventures camping and hiking off of his trusty GS. One of my personal favorite trips is riding up to Lone Pine, CA and making the trek up to Whitney Portal in order to hike Mt. Whitney by day. 

After exploring a few fire roads and sand washes Eric quickly discovered that his GS was a little unstable in certain off road situations fully laden with gear. Time to move on as I rented my first off road bike a Suzuki DR-Z400. From here I turned towards the “Ride Red Camp” and now have a small fleet of machines to accomplish most any off road challenge. 

Furthermore, it was time to also get serious about a staging spot for epopms adventures. A land purchase was imminent in the Mojave desert area just north of the greater Los Angeles, CA area. Taking some time to trick out the purchase was the final task and now “The Estate” and “The Facility” are dialed in for prime time use. epopms has staged many a ride over the past few years and are all set to open up the area and trail system to guided tours, a private rental for your personal escapes or desert training rental facility for riding buddies, MC clubs and amateur or pro teams. 

If you are not familiar with the infamous Mojave desert area, I prompt you to do some further looking into the “Still / Video Galleries” links epopms has explored. The area offers a diverse variety of riding challenges from pure desert terrain to single track tree runs. You will be pleasantly surprised at what we have to explore. For creature comforts you are also centrally located to California City where Mexican food, pizza, fuel and a local MX shop have enough gear to get you through a weekend with no problems. Hope to see you on a ride soon or rent out epopms state of the art staging facility together for a ride on your own. 

Thanks so much, 
Eric Poppleton